The dancers are approx 8 in / 20 cm tall and the set includes two dance teams and two boys - and in addition 7 text stickers:
 - Irish Dancer
 - I love Irish Dancing!
 - Irish dancers rock!
 - Rock, rock, rock...
 - Jump..
 - Skip..
 - Cut..

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Welcome !

About me

My name is Yvonne Rosenlund. I started Irish dancing in 1998 and went on to creating the Nordic Society of Irish Dancers (probably the first Internet based international association in the whole world) in 2000 and the Nordic Feis of Irish Dancing in 2001 - the first Nordic championships and festival in Irish dancing in Scandinavia. I developed these wall stickers in 2010 and after a break, moving to beautiful Celtic Brittany, France, they are now finally back on the market again. 

The most outstanding gift to an Irish dancer

Stylish and vivid dancer silhouettes with bouncing curls and high jumps.


A set of 10 self-adhesive stickers of silhouettes of 16 Irish dancers.

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